When you underwrite with KPEO, you invest in locally produced, relevant content, and multi-cultural programming.


Underwriters provide essential support to our mission of providing distinctive music, news and informational programming reflecting the values and cultural diversity of our listener community. In exchange, our underwriters receive wide exposure thanks to our large reach and diverse audience.




KPEO’s unique and diverse programming reach makes us the perfect vehicle to spread your message and raise brand awareness. HEARD AROUND THE WORLD – America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Seoul Korea, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Manila Philippines, Taipei Taiwan, & so many more, up to over 200 countries.




Our audience is affluent, highly educated and more likely to engage in art, cultural, outdoor and community activities than the market average.




Rene Haynes – 504-432-4703



Underwriting Spot Guidelines


As a non-commercial radio broadcaster, KPEO must adhere to certain standards when recognizing underwriters. Rather than “promoting” businesses, KPEO gives underwriters factual recognition that keeps the company’s image consistent with the high level of quality KPEO listeners expect. Spots must be noncommercial, concise and reflect the values of KPEO’s programming.


Underwriting Guidelines


15-20 seconds in length for corporations, 20 seconds for nonprofits
Noncommercial messaging: information can include product name, description of services, event dates and location
Credits may contain a phone number and/or website address
Well-established slogan, logogram or corporate positioning statement can be included. Spots are recorded by KPEO staff.


Not Allowed


Comparative statements (ex: the best, largest, bigger, faster)
Subjective qualitative statements (ex: fine, great, superb)
Call-to-action statements that direct the audience to call, visit, try, compare
Call-out questions (ex: Want to know ..? or What is…?)
Price information, including free Inducement to buy statements that direct the audience to purchase the product (ex: trial offer, 2 for 1, etc.)
First or second person pronouns (ex: I, me, you, your).
Mention of second parties – underwriting copy can only name the corporation or organization providing the sponsorship
Language advocating political, religious or social causes


Sample Copy

Support comes from “Your Bank Institution”, offering investment CDs and mortgage financing geared to the individual’s financial resources. Information is available at (phone) or on the web at (website).

Programming is supported by “Your Bank Institution”, offering mortgage loan programs for new homes and refinancing. With locations throughout the tri-state area, additional information is available from “Your Bank Institution” at (phone).


Drive Time and Saturdays


  • 50 announcements or less – $55 per message
  • 50 or more announcements – $45 per message
  • 100 or more announcements – $35 per message (free banner on home page 1 yr)
  • 150 or more announcements – $25 per message (free banner on home page 1yr)

Non-Drive Time and Sundays


  • 50 announcements or less – $40 per message
  • 100 announcements – $30 per message (free web banner for 1yr)
  • 150 announcements – $25 per message (free web banner for 1 yr)

Company Banner/Link on Home Page Website


  • 6 months – $100 per month
  • 12 months – $90 per month
  • 18 months – $80 per month
  • 24 months – $70 per month

There are times KPEO may be interested in offering underwriting announcements in trade for goods or services. For in-kind or trade underwriting agreements, announcements are individually negotiated with the business. Contact Rene Haynes: info@kpeo.org


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